5 Warehouse Practices That Put Our Customers First

5 Warehouse Practices That Put Our Customers First

Our LAGPRO customer service philosophy is simple -- attention to details goes a long way. We look closely at the small things, which ultimately makes a big impact on our customers’ overall experience. This is especially important in the packing and shipping phase of our business. In addition to our convenient e-commerce capabilities, our warehouse team does five specific things that we think set us apart from our competitors:


1) Attach Box Packing Labels To All Shipments


Every single box we ship is properly labeled noting the contents. This helps our customers more quickly organize and unbox the contents once the shipment is received.


2) Add Shelf Labels To Customer Stock Orders


Don’t have time to stop and print a new shelf label for the materials you just unboxed? We have you covered. Every order and shipment that leaves our warehouse has shelf labels included. Simply use our labels on your warehouse shelves to save you time and money.


3) Pack Materials In An Organized Way


Taking the time to neatly package our products, especially glue down clips, makes a big difference in the shipping and the time it takes to unpack boxes for our customers. With the weight and size of many of our products, sloppy packing can cause damage to the boxes and products themselves during shipping. A well-organized package also cuts downtime and energy spent at the jobsite trying to organize the materials during installation.


4) Use Better Packing Materials


It’s important to use that our parts arrive in perfect condition, so we make sure that we are using high-quality packing materials. Every single package and its materials are examined to understand how much extra packing and reinforcement is needed. There is NO cookie-cutter process when it comes to protecting your order.

5) Express Shipping

Our sales, administration, and warehouse teams work closely to coordinate fast and on-time shipping. The majority of our orders are processed, packed, and are shipped within 24 business hours. 

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